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Business Tax Planning & Preparation

Knowledge plus perspective add up to an advantage. Tax season is important, but we begin our planning with clients well in advance so they can benefit from proactive strategies.BARR CPA LLC  looks beyond preparation of tax returns to save you money through intelligent tax planning. We focus on the bigger picture—not just this year’s return, but all of your organization’s finances for many years to come, aided by our knowledge of your financial history and goals. We’re at the leading edge in making the tax code work for our clients’ businesses, not against them.

BARR CPA LLC will structure the most effective taxation planning policy for your business because we understand that taxation implications, for any size business, is a key factor in your success. By understanding the tax law and keeping up to date with legislation, the advice and planning we provide will not only be beneficial, but also effective for your business.

Our Business Accounting Services means you can now truly understand not only what is happening in your business, but why it is also occurring.  The powerful combination of ongoing review, analysis and recommendations means monitoring and regular planning can lead to sustainable profitability and allow your business to experience manageable growth.

Some of the Business Tax Accounting Services BARR CPA LLC provide are:

  • Forecasting and monitoring financial and taxation positions
  • Establishing and reviewing legal entities and structures
  • Tax minimization strategies and opportunities
  • Assisting clients to achieve the maximum Capital Gains Tax Small Business when planning to sell a business

Attention to more than what’s on the tax form

Delving into the details of your financial situation sometimes results in unexpected advice. It might be time to revisit a succession plan, purchase real estate or equipment, adjust a pension plan, shift income and deductions from one year to another.

We consider it our job to stay on top of your situation, as well as the continuously changing tax laws, and raise and address the critical questions.

Technology aided by thoroughness

We utilize the latest specialized computer hardware and software for accuracy and speed. Our paperless system means that we can pull up all your records at the touch of a button. Still, there is no substitute for our concise tax analysis, tax research and meticulous checking for errors.