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IRS Audit Representation and Tax Settlements

Perhaps the most upsetting mail an individual or business owner can receive is an audit notice from the Internal Revenue Service, or similar letter from a state auditor. The IRS, as a matter of practice, flags a certain number of returns each year for audit. The reasons triggering audit may change, but certain answers on a return—from unusually high gifting to exemptions that may on the surface appear to be excessive—can trigger an audit.shutterstock 156150200- 1

Businesses too, may be subject to the risk of audit based upon manner of which certain revenue, compensation and deduction decisions are presented on the return. While there may be legitimate reasons for preparing a return that appears suspicious to the IRS, if an audit notice is issued, it is time to contact professionals to represent your interests. Our CPAs have experience in dealing with IRS staff and understand the delicate balance between delivering the answers to questions that are raised without providing too much information that could trigger further examination. The auditor’s job is to investigate. Sometimes, probing questions are asked beyond the scope of the audit merely to observe the response. A taxpayer without representation may inadvertently offer potentially harmful information in answering these questions, leading to an expansion of the auditor’s examination. Poorly answered or undocumented answers may also lead to undesirable and often expensive outcomes. Above everything, ignoring notices is never a smart solution. The Government will not be ignored, but they will assess more charges for penalties and interest.

If you receive an audit notice for your personal or business return, let us help you. Contact your Hunter Group CPA immediately for a consultation.