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Back Taxes Owed

Owing back taxes drains your energy and prevents you form living your life and accomplishing your financial goals. A person who owes back taxes or has missed filing some tax returns never knows whether the next phone call or letter will be from the IRS. They live under a constant fear of a sudden tax lien or wage garnishment. A tax debtor knows it's only a matter of time before they have to deal with their tax problem. We have developed a proven plan of action for dealing with back taxes:

  • Find out how much is owed in back taxes.
  • Determine if any tax returns are missing.
  • Determine if all tax and penalty assessments are correct.
  • Figure our how much time the IRS has to collect the back taxes.
  • Convince the IRS to hold off on liens or levies while we determine the best strategy for dealing with the tax problem.
  • Implement the selected tax strategy.
  • If you need help dealing with an IRS tax problem, call 201- 445-8711 or 888-200-8796 for a FREE tax consultation!