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Focus On Owner-Managed Business

While most salaried individuals think little of tax compliance except at the end of the year and toward tax return time, the self-employed / owner manager often face thorny tax issues throughout the year. They must deal with estimated taxes, FICA, business income and deductions, and specific tax rules that uniquely affect their basic business and personal needs. Even health and savings plans in many instances are much more complicated for the self-employed.

As an owner / manager, it’s important that you plan your business taxes and personal taxes together so you can minimize them overall and find the optimal mix between the two. We can help you get the most out of tax saving opportunities by developing integrated tax strategies that take you, your business and if you choose, your family into account. We can show you how to raise capital in the most tax effective way, design remuneration to favor lower taxes, establish shareholder agreements and help plan an exit strategy that will ensure you have all the capital gains exemptions available if you decide to transfer or sell your business. Self employed individuals face many vexing tax compliance and planning problems.

Our focus is on providing professional advice and assistance to business owners. Unlike larger corporations, owner / manager businesses typically do not have large teams of professional managers within their organization. We strive to fill that void in areas of our knowledge and experience. We provide owner / managers with professional and unbiased advice in areas such as accounting, tax planning, succession planning, business planning, and various finance and banking related matters. We identify their anxieties and recommendations consistent with immediate and foreseeable future concerns. We strive to be on the leading edge of technology. Our goal is to provide, in the most efficient and timely manner possible, the highest quality professional products.