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Tracing Hidden Assets

My Spouse is Diverting Assets. Can you help?

There are only a few more complex tasks than the tracing of assets. It is common in a wide range of circumstances. Asset tracing is often pursued in conjunction with a matrimonial matter or a business dispute. In many instances, it stems from fraud and the intentional misdirection of significant wealth and resources.

An engagement of this nature requires both a highly sophisticated approach and a deep understanding of accounting investigation. Because these matters come from both internal and external threats, they frequently require coordination between forensic team and the legal and law enforcement community we serve.

Often these fraudulent activities occur in more than one year or accounting period. As such, BARR CPA LLC's efforts often expand before and after an anticipated event or occurrence.

By combining state of the art forensic accounting investigation methods with acute business intelligence, our team helps clients locate and identify assets, no matter how complex the engagement.