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Matrimonial Accounting Overview

All matrimonial actions start with a common goal: identify the total "marital estate."

BARR CPA LLC is frequently retained to help attorneys and their clients carefully analyze various financial documents in connection with a matrimonial matter. In many instances our involvement begins right at the start of the discovery process. These services commonly include:

  • Analyzing personal and business tax returns
  • Reviewing bank statements and brokerage accounts
  • Assisting in client interviews and depositions
  • Tracing assets to determine or refute separate property      claims
  • Searching for assets that may have been diverted or      dissipated in anticipation of divorce

Forensic investigations are often needed to determine other financial issues when a couple divorces. These commonly include:

  • Determining income available for spousal maintenance      and child support
  • Computing reasonable needs or living expenses
  • Assist in the preparation of the Statement of Net Worth
  • Valuation of business interests
  • Enhanced earnings capacity calculations of degrees and      licenses

BARR CPA's in-depth analysis of the financial issues in matrimonial matters is an essential component of the attorney's discovery process.

Key Issues In Matrimonial & Divorce Matters

  • Determine the components & values of the marital      estate.
  • Analyze the income earned by the parties.
  • Perform the required business valuation & forensic      accounting services in order to obtain full disclosure.