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Financial Forensic

Forensic Auditing | Finding The Unknown

Hiring the right firm to provide expert financial analysis for commercial or matrimonial litigation is vital to developing a winning case. A successful litigation strategy depends on choosing the best forensic consultant to analyze and explain complex accounting, finance and valuation issues.

At BARR CPA LLC, we provide expert advice relating to the financial and tax aspects of litigation, including forensic accounting, data analysis during the discovery process, damage and lost income calculations, income tax issues, analysis of settlement offers and expert testimony. We can also advise you in the tax ramifications of various legal agreements and in structuring settlements for all types of legal matters.

Forensic auditing is highly specialized because it requires knowledge and insight into both financial and accounting matters as well as criminal and unethical patterns of abuse. Our StoneBridge BARR CPA LLC bring deep expertise to the entire range of skills needed.

Count on us to:

  • Discover hidden and pilfered assets
  • Track embezzlement or other white-collar crimes
  • Uncover mis-reporting in contracts
  • Maximize recoverable assets for creditors in a bankruptcy proceeding
  • Substantiate cases for litigation proceedings