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M&A Advisory Services

BARR CPA LLC provides a comprehensive family of services to buyers and sellers of businesses. Our services include

Acquirer Services

  • Due diligence
  • Industry analyses
  • Financial projections
  • Transaction pricing and structuring
  • Pro forma analyses
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Lender and investor presentations
  • Solvency opinions
  • Post-transaction integration

Sales and Divestiture Services

  • Preparing selling memoranda
  • Identifying prospective buyers
  • Initiating buyer contacts
  • Transaction pricing and structuring
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Evaluating alternative transactions
  • Orchestrating buyer due diligence
  • Fulfilling buyer information requests
  • Fairness opinions

M&A Advisory Services

For many business owners, a merger or acquisition can be the door to the “next level,” or simply an exit strategy. M&As come wrapped in a host of issues that need untangling and careful consideration and analysis. In the best of all worlds, you tap a team that has both practical business experience based on advising dozens of M&As, and the financial and accounting expertise to provide thorough due diligence.

From search to success

We can help you successfully navigate the complex process of selling or acquiring a business. We can analyze the inherent risks, evaluate return on your investment, help establish a value, assist with financing, and advise on transaction structure. We make every effort to conduct as transparent a process as possible. In our view, only a thoroughly vetted match will be a good match. Caution and care at this phase is always warranted. Read more about our due diligence process.

Varied skills for a complex process

We rely on Certified M&A Professional to handle an M&A negotiation and closing. Our business valuation experts play a key role in determining value on both sides of the transaction. Our CPAs bring deep expertise on the tax implications of the transaction and new company structure.

Sell-side services

When selling, you can count on us to follow a disciplined process designed to achieve optimal results for you on both a financial and personal basis.

Our dedicated M&A professionals can:

  • Research and analyze your business for the purpose of determining a range of value that you can expect
  • Assist you, or your investment banker, to prepare a confidential offering memorandum and other offering materials
  • Research and recommend potential buyers
  • Help you negotiate a letter of intent from preferred buyers
  • Prepare a “data room” where interested buyers can conduct due diligence
  • Help you negotiate the definitive purchase agreements
  • Assist with the entire closing process
  • Buy-side services

In addition to our financial, accounting and business M&A due diligence services, We offer the following advisory services for merger and acquisitions:

  • Research and analyze the target company’s industry and financial performance
  • Prepare financial projections of the combined companies
  • Calculate a range of value for the target company to assist with your formal purchase proposal
  • Help you analyze the potential Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Assist you with securing bank financing
  • Assist with the negotiation of the definitive agreements

By combining these services with our experience, expertise and in-depth commitment to your best interests, we facilitate the complex but often rewarding task of selling or acquiring a business.