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Financing & Capital Formation

We know that all M&A transactions need to be structured appropriately and financed to close the transaction. This is the case whether the transaction is a MERGER, ACQUISITION, DIVESTURE, company SALE, or a PRIVATE INVESTMENT from equity, debt or Venture Capital sources. When it comes to financing there are two objectives: First, to make sure risk is kept to an absolute minimum. Second, to make sure the deal will close as planned.

We remains constantly familiar and has relationships with key individuals at Investment Banks, Commercial Banks, Venture Capital Firms, and Private Equity sources. Also we are aware of the many lending programs available through financing sources such as the Small Business Administration and regional economic development agencies.

We will structure the deal so that it will make sense for everyone involved. Our approach is always absolutely professional and the entire matter is completely confidential. No one but you, us, your target investor or company, your attorney and accountant need know anything about the transaction. And, most likely your employees, customers, competitors and suppliers should not know until you are ready to tell them.