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Buying Business

Locating Businesses For Sale

Utilizing our Business Ventures services to buy a business ensures that a Certified M&A professional will be handling your transaction. We discreetly find sellers that have been thinking of selling their business for some time, but just haven't taken the steps to list it on the open market. If we don't have it for sale already, we will find you what you are looking for.

Buying Agent Services

Consider appointing us as your Buying Agent. Here are just some of the reasons why you should!

  • If you have a potential target acquisition in mind, we can approach confidentially, on your behalf. Your identity is not revealed.
  • Alliance Business Ventures can search out businesses not necessarily on the markets, which suit your requirements.
  • When retained by you as a Buying Agent, our Legal Duty of Care is to you, rather than to the seller.
  • We can negotiate price, terms, and conditions of sale on your behalf, rather than the seller's.
  • After a modest initial retainer fee, our commission is based on a percentage of the actual selling price of the business. This fee is paid by the buyer.
  • As a Certified M&A Professionals, we can act only on behalf of one Principal in a transaction, either the Buyer, or the Seller, NEVER both.

If you would like to know more and to find out about our rates, please don't hesitate to contact us.