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Architecture, Engineering & Design

BARR CPALLC provides specialized accounting and business advisory services to Architecture, Engineering and Design companies. Our experience and depth of knowledge in these areas makes BARR CPA LLC the right choice for firms with a desire to maximize profitability. We serve as more than just accountants. Our clients rely on us as strategic planners, management consultants, business coaches and long-term partners in growth. The addition of our expertise brings an important dimension to the management of a firm. We offer all the traditional advisory, accounting and tax services you’d expect but with distinct differences that give you a competitive advantage in today’s market.

Architectural and engineering (A&E) firms have unique audit, tax and financial advisory needs. The design and construction business is complex and involves a degree of uncertainty. With long-term projects, costs and revenues can fluctuate over time. That carries over into how you manage your business from a financial standpoint. Accurate and timely financial reports are crucial to helping you monitor your performance, control costs, improve profitability and manage cash flow.

For our A&E clients, we look at key performance indicators such as utilization rates, billing multiples, days of sales outstanding, overhead rates, net revenue per employee and working capital levels to help better understand a firm’s performance, and areas in which they can improve. BARR CPA LLC provides the following services to the architectural and engineering firms:

Tax & Financial Services

  • Overhead rate audits
  • Ownership transition
  • Assistance with debt financing
  • Cash flow and financial forecasting
  • Strategic planning
  • Valuation advisory services
  • Business Tax return preparation.
  • Tax planning (corporate and individual)
  • Financial statement attestation services
  • Multi-state tax planning and preparation
  • Monitor and apply changes in tax laws or accounting standards
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) planning
  • Tax deferral strategies
  • Energy tax incentives
  • Research and development tax credits
  • IRS examination assistance
  • Capital gains strategies
  • Complex tax projections
  • Individual business owner tax preparation
  • Wealth management services for shareholders