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Business Start-Up

Reasons Your Start-Up Needs Us

Starting a new business is an exciting time for any entrepreneur. It signifies the birth of something new, and brings a vast world of unknowns to those involved. When starting a business, every detail counts: the location, the costs, the economy, the industry, and the people who will play a part in bringing it to life. We specializes in helping start-up companies quickly create easy-to-understand accounting and financial systems. A vast majority of start-ups hire at least a bookkeeper. Not only can we provide exceptional bookkeeping services, we are experts in everything to do with accounting: controller services, payroll, accounts receivables & payables, and high-level CFO consulting. Many start-ups, and other established businesses for that matter, are not operating in accordance with local, state, and national regulatory requirements. We helps start-up companies effectively navigate these difficult avenues of compliance. Establishing your company as the correct entity is also very important especially if you will ever try to attract investors or sell your company!

Entity Selection And Business Formation Support

We coach you on what entity type best fits your needs in relation to taxes and general operations. We can also assist you with establishing your entity in New York and all other states within the United States. Once the correct business structure is decided, we will complete the process by forming your corporation, LLC, partnership or sole proprietorship, including securing your new Employer Identification Number and other paperwork so you may commence operations and open bank accounts.

Start-Up Costs And Expense Support

Planning to get the most out of any new business venture begins with making sure you get the greatest possible tax advantages for your investigation costs, start-up expenses, and other organization costs.

Employment Issues

We will help you decide if workers should be considered employees or independent contractors. The IRS rules on this issue can be complicated and we will provide clear and ongoing advice as your needs change.

Bookkeeping Set-up

We can help you set up your books, provide guidance and get you going on the right track from the beginning. We can handle your bookkeeping needs or we can train you to handle this yourself in an understandable way.

Retirement Planning

Should you set up a qualified retirement plan, and, if so, what kind? We are experts in the financial planning arena and will give expert advice and support for retirement and estate planning. With our experience and knowledge of small business taxes, we can help you come to the right decisions and implement them quickly so that you can concentrate on the success of your new venture.