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Profitability analysis

Owners' Exit Strategies

What counts is what’s next

Building a successful business is an enormous achievement. Leaving the business can be the most difficult, or most rewarding phase of your entrepreneurial career.

It is never too early to begin planning for how you will close your association with your business. Knowing early on what your goal is—a sale, a merger, passing it on to a family member, even liquidation—allows you to build in the strategies you need now to achieve it.

We understand that exit planning is often the ‘make or break’ decision facing a small business owner. In a family business, the issue can be even more sensitive.

We look at the market, your company’s valuation, the tax implications, the plan for your employees, and of course your personal goals.

For most small business owners, their business is the most sizeable asset they own. The process itself can be overwhelming. We take the emotion and stress out of it so you can focus on the big decisions.

Considering all the factors

We recognize that you’re looking for something beyond ‘just the numbers’ advice. In our experience, taking into account your emotions and the difficulties of the decision at hand helps bring about an outcome everyone can live with.

We bring more than 30 years experience helping people navigate this turning point. You will find us thorough, capable and understanding.