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Working Together

How We Work Together?

Working as your CFO, we will carefully evaluate your company’s current financial situation with an eye towards your goals for the future, identifying opportunities for growth and development. As always, how much or little we consult with you depends upon the needs of your particular business. Our services include:

  • Improve understanding of cash flow and projected cash, which results in more cash in your bank account.
  • Generate strategies for profit improvement, gross profit evaluation and expense reduction.
  • Facilitate the creation of both a short-term and long-term strategic plan.
  • Enhance collaboration among department managers and other key members of your team, so your company can set clear expectations.
  • Mentor your department managers, so they understand the financial metrics they are responsible for, and the levers they can control to improve them.
  • Facilitate management discussions around Key Performance Indicators that drive better business decisions.
  • Develop weekly and monthly reporting packages that meet the needs of you and your management team.
  • Create a high-level three-year plan and advice on equity or debt financing.
  • The creation of forward-looking metrics or reports.
  • Participate in writing your business plan.
  • Participate in board meetings and preparation of external financial reporting.
  • Prepare of a “daily dashboard” report of relevant metrics to better equip management with forward-looking data, not just historical results.
  • Other financial and accounting duties by request.