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Why We Are Different...

Today, Professional differentiation is just as important as hard work. Working smarter than harder is just not enough anymore. It’s more applicable today than ever as clients are looking for different competencies and cross disciplines in their relationship with their most trusted advisor (their CPA). Clients are looking for new and expanded services. And we are not burdened by the legacy systems that plague the majority of existing CPA firms. What makes us different is that we are versed in many specialties. Our specialties help us really know your business…and know you. Every business wants to grow. But grow how? Grow in which markets? At what cost? To grow wisely you’ll need an advisor who really knows your business…and knows you.

We are an innovative CPA Consulting and Advisory firm providing accounting, tax services, business valuations, forensic and litigation support services, fraud examination as well as M &A consulting. Our specialties in different areas and disciplines help us look at your operation from different angles and viewpoints. Knowing your businesses value and your options are crucial in making decisions. Your business’s Value can greatly affect the possibility of a sale or a merger, or even the outcome of a divorce settlement.

Our expertise enables our ability to be more effectively deployed. Our services go beyond the ordinary accounting skills that other CPA firms possess. Its sound simple, but how many CPA firms calculate the business use of one car vs. two cars? How to successfully discriminate with your Sec 105 plan or a customized report and dashboard analytics on a monthly basis or planning husband and wife business to maximize on social security return? Or planning for the sale of your home where depreciation was taken for your home office part of your resident? Or audit protection and support?

States and Federal tax authorities are increasingly changing the way they conduct business with taxpayers and so do we. One of them is the use and reliance on auditing techniques involving the use of forensic accounting measures and procedures and digital analysis to resolves audit issues.

The firm is completely secure-encrypted cloud based and uses exclusively web based technology, integrated with hosted server at a data center as well as use of a data sharing portal that give clients independent access anytime anywhere. We are conveniently located in Ridgewood, NJ and a satellite office in Long Island NY. We are looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.