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Who are we ?

BARR CPA LLC and TAX DEFENSE SHIELD LLC are  a boutique CPA firm that focuses on tax problem resolution.  Founder Jacob Barr is a NJ, NY and MD CPA who possess an advanced Training in Taxation, is a CPA and a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.  Jacob oversees all the cases that come into the firm and meets with every client.  He has extensive experience in developing creative tax solutions for your tax problems.  As a CPA, he is never blind-sided by twists on tax returns. When it matters, be sure your representative has a successful track record and all the skills needed to stop the IRS and protect your assets.

When your assets and your future are on the line, you need a dedicated CPA and Tax Resolution Firm with a complete arsenal of weapons to combat the IRS and the State Tax Authority.  We have the training in toe-to-toe negotiation with the background in analyzing tax returns line by line, which can put them at the mercy of the IRS.  To win the best possible outcome for your case, you need a firm focused on tax problem resolution, comprised of experienced CPA and tax experts who knows and familier with the IRS more then the IRS emmployees, familier with US Tax Court Recent Case laws, US Tax Court Rules & Procedures, Federal Rules of Evidence applied in the US Tax Court which give us comparative advantage in negotiation because we know how the tax court will act.  

We have all read the headlines: Tax relief scams and IRS phishing schemes are on the rise. As a result of a weakened economy, the IRS is more aggressive than ever to collect and tax-burdened Americans are seeking professional help in solving their IRS problems.The tax debt relief industry has seen dramatic growth over the past 5 years as many companies have entered the arena to offer help to taxpayers impacted by a sharp increase in IRS tax compliance enforcement. But lately, many of these so-called tax resolution firms have been making headlines for misleading consumers with deceptive advertising and false claims that they can settle taxpayers' debt for "pennies on the dollar." Consequently, many firms have been exposed for taking advantage of people seeking tax assistance. For a fee, they promise to help taxpayers, but instead leave them with their original tax debt, plus additional interest and penalties.

At Tax Defense Shiel and BARR CPA, you can be rest assure knowing that the only a licensed CPAs will manage your case. With over 30 years of experience, we got a solid reputation a premier tax solvers specialist. Our office is backed by a full service tax and accounting firm allowing us to offer truly comprehensive financial services.

Do you have a payroll tax concerns? You can be held personally liable and unlike income tax, payroll tax are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Can’t afford to pay your taxes? Let us help by placing you into a currentlynotcollectible status or helping you settled for the amount less than you owe with the “offer in compromise” or properly structured payment plan.